The urgent will to live – some thoughts to International Womens’ Day

On International Women’s Day, Why Women Need to Climb Mountains was shown in the beautiful and quaint Metro Cinema in Vienna to 160 people which marked another milestone in honoring Gerda Lerner’s work. Some friends who came to see the film and had seen it before in other cities commented that is was different to …  [read more]

A present from Gerda Lerner

Dear friends, I have been  reflecting on the situation in the USA and talking and hearing also from friends how impacted they are by a future that feels very unknown and insecure…. So I had been planning to do a Premiere in the USA in March 2017, since some organizations and institutions showed interest. Until …  [read more]

On courage and strength

The November sun lights the stark grey sky and the last leaves on the trees which turns the whole view experience out of the window into a passing by of a continuous surreal painting. It is Saturday, a full train, people seem relaxed, chat away about mundanities. I am on my way back from Tübingen, …  [read more]

Gerda Lerner at the UNESCO

I am writing this blog while I am still in Paris. Not far from my hotel, the Eiffel tower is showing its eternal majesty and only a few min walk from here the UNESCO building shows its global presence, reminding us all of the diversity of our global culture  – surrounded by buildings of the …  [read more]