On telling stories

IMG_0603 smallOver the last three weeks while filming and fundraising in the United States (Madison, Chicago, Boston and New York) a strange sense about time and life is entering the picture. The making of the film is the continuum of a story. The kind of people we meet, the relationships we form, the stories that are being told and the dreams and visions that are being formed and talked about, are not the by-product of making the film anymore, they are the essence of the film itself, as if the film is being told while life is happening. A sense of timelessness, as if our lives, past, present and future, melt into one forward-moving continuum. Alive and dead, moving forward in a prolonged process of human struggle, effort,  joy, suffering, insights and ever deepening longing for more justice, peace, freedom and love, we move on telling stories, and some of those stories end up on a screen…

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