What does a dentist have to do with Gerda Lerner?

dentist-womanDear friends and supporters, Today I was lying for 2 hours on the dentist’s chair, a good time for contemplation when someone is drilling into your mouth! :). You may be surprised to hear that I walked away from this treatment feeling very happy, in fact slightly elevated. Why? Because as I was treated by an awesome women dentist and her caring assistant with highly impressive, new technical instruments I just marveled at how incredibly innovative we are as human beings – and at the same time also what a miracle it is, in the midst of all the political and cultural crisis we are steeped in at the moment, to simply appreciate a women’s professionalism and – like I had to do this afternoon – to put full trust into a stranger’s hand and to realize within minutes, that I can trust fully.  Even only 30 years ago this would not have been a ‘normal’ situation like today, to be treated that professionally by women. What I also appreciated was the sisterhood and respect between the two professionals and how the assistant was learning from the dentist. So, yes, weirdly, it was a delightful experience to be at the dentist and it gave me faith in humanity and a renewed energy to push  for the next round of contributions! We have 11 days left and have only raised 10% of our goal. But I am grateful for what we have achieved so far. And – there is another long way to go!!! Thank you again for all your inputs and thoughts re what other steps to take. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/why-women-need-to-climb-mountains/x/388206#pledges And to say it in Gerda’s words: “As long as both men and women regard the subordination of half the human race to the others as “natural,” it is impossible to envision a society in which all differences do not connote either dominance or subordination. The feminist critique of the patriarchal edifice of knowledge is laying the groundwork for a correct analysis of reality, one which at the very least can distinguish the whole from the part. Women’s History, the essential tool in creating feminist consciousness in women, is providing the body of experience against which new theory can be tested and the ground on which women of vision can stand. A feminist world-view will enable women and men to free their minds from patriarchal thought and practice and at last build a world free of dominance and hierarchy, a world that is truly human.” Gerda Lerner Warm greetings from Berlin

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